Get addicted with a free mobile game for Android

Be fast, be ready and tap all the Falling Hexagons before they touch the ground!


Once you go hexagons...

Falling Hexagons is Khaotic Games’ first smartphone game.

Our development goal was to throw ourselves into the market  with a simple, direct and, most of all, achievable game.

Key features:

☞ The gameplay entertains, at least, for 2 minutes

☞ There are at least 5 non-fixed bugs(find them all!)

☞ Minimal and stunning graphics almost in 144p

☞ Awesome free and cheap sounds and music

☞ Few and skippable ads just to replay it

We know the difficulties of making videogames, that’s why we wanted to start with a project as small as this, made in a week, rather than get stuck on a bigger one for 1, 2 or more years.


5 star reviews

The result satisfies us and the Users BOTH!

The feedbacks we received are positive (except for the lack of tutorial) and this gave us a boost to continue on our next projects!

This game is pure psychological violence. Erika

Immediate, fast-paced, fun! Highly recommended! Fabio